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Her Old Men

She’s a woman with a past,

But hell then aren’t we all.

Didn't need a man for anything,

Still tempted for the fall.

Twenties, thirties, tasty trysts,

Reckless, flirty fun.

More herself because of them,

Yet somehow more undone.

Jack, he was her first love,

Caramel colored strong.

From the time he licked her lips,

She knew he’d steer her wrong.

They say Jose was just a phase

But she's not sure that's true.

Still craves his salty, sour ways,

And sneaks a taste or two.

Jim was more mature and smooth

At least that’s how he read.

He boiled her blood, sped her heart,

But killed her pounding head.

She sister-wived her dalliances,

To friends or passersby

Lit on fire, or over ice

Not a whistle dry.

These days they're mostly memories,

Loyal as she is,

To the new life she created;

Her Keystone Man and kids.

Rarely seeing midnight,

She's wise now to their ways.

Sirens calling in the dark,

To thwart her waking days.

"Kiss me now, I won't tell,

You know you loved me when."

Genies in glass bottles,

All of her old men.

Artwork: "Louise" by Jared Dunten

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