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Trusting not the Chrysalis,

We craft our own cocoons.

Empty bottles,

Glowing screens,

All the short-lived glues.

Like a picture,

Love a tweet,

Buy the latest fad.

Don a bauble, and another,

Binge, repeat ‘til mad.

Compare ourselves to all our friends,

For what they have we lack.

Grace and luck,

Wit and pluck,

Retreat, submit, attack.

Someday, someday, someday,

We’ll be ready to take flight.

Someday, once we’re done becoming,

And everything’s just right.

Until a day, we cannot breathe

A single, free-felt breath.

Choking comfort,

Banished soul,

Up-and-coming death.

“You are enough,”, a whisper says,

In wait to amplify.

“Beyond enough, even more,

There’s nothing left to try.”

“Discard your shell of disbelief

And toddle into trust.

Gnaw and claw through silk and sand,

I’ll wait beyond the dust.”

“Weightless, dauntless

Strong and sound,

You’re born to leap and sing.

It’s time you know, without a doubt

The power in your wings.”

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